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Hello and welcome to my ACNL-blog! I am mayor Kimmie, from Mellovie. I've had an Animal Crossing blog before, so I decided to start all over again. I love to make new friends, so don't be afraid to send me a message!
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Title: K.K. Lullaby

Artist: Kazumi Totaka

Album: Animal Crossing
Played: 6,429 times

an animal crossing piece I did awhile back for the ACNL anthology! Isabelle selfies! B)

sorry for the rain gif spam

lil molly on a stroll~

dumb doodle of a dumb punk
Looking for hybrids!

Does anyone have hybrids to sell? It does not matter what kind, I need them all! If you tell me wich ones you’d like to sell me, I’ll say how much bells I give for those. Please send me an ask! I reallllyyyy need hybrids!